Professional and Qualifying Training


UMG-Wellness Therapist™ training offers a new approach and methods for those working in beauty or health care business. The training gives you ability to offer versatile treatment packages to your clients according to their individual needs to enhance health and wellbeing. UMG-Wellness treatments are a short blissful sanctuary from the daily stresses.

UMG-Wellness Therapist Training Program is especially developed to meet today’s customers’ needs in the field of wellness business. It provides you with practical and theoretic skills to enable you to give wellness treatments in spas, clinics, beauty salons or work as an independent wellness therapist.

The training is aimed for everyone interested in working in the wellness professions. The total length of the training depends on how much basic health care skills you already have. Applicants with no existing health care studies will be provided with complete studies in anatomy, physiology and common health disorders to the standard of the IFA (International Federation of Aromatherapist’s syllabus).


UMG-Methods are developed for the health and beauty professionals, whose goal is to give each customer the feeling of trust at being in the hands of an expert. The foundation work has been thoroughly completed and tried and widely tested in Spas, Clinics and Salons in Finland. Each method is a complete “tool” that makes it so is easy for the professional carer to concentrate on customers’ comprehensive well-being.

UMG-Method is a carefully planned professional wellness-care treatment that combines an effective, result targeted massage with products, each containing the power of a unique blend of natural essential oil. The personal instruction for the client 's self care using the wide range of Aromatica’s care products is also an integral part of the treatment..

Training Modules

1. Body Massage
2. Client care
3. Facial Neck massage
5. Cellulite massage and Peat treatments
6. FootSpa and Bath treatments
7. Understanding the CAM-treatment theories. Practical relaxation techniques
8. Wellbeing from herbs (Phytotherapy)
9. Vitality and Nutrition
10. Recorded treatments and assignments
11. Practical and written examinations and a complete treatment to an examiner

Anatomy, Physiology, body disorders and diseases
(Existing basic health care studies will be credited) 
First Aid

On successful completion, all participants will receive an UMG-Wellness Therapist™ Certificate.

UMG-Diploma in Aromatherapy

UMG-Wellness therapis can continue the studying for an International Federation of Aromatherapists registered UMG-Diploma in Aromatherapy.

by completing the

IFA Diploma in Professional Essential Oils Therapy course she/he is eligible to take part in the IFA Diploma in Aromatherapy exam.