Aromatica -Wellness references



  • Holiday Club Spa Hotels  4 Spas
  • Sokos Hotels  2 Spas
  • Härmä Spa
  • Spa hotel Peurunka / Wellness Center
  • Santasport Spa
  • Spa Kivitippu
  • Runni Spa
  • Spa hotel Kunnonpaikka
  • Skandic Hotel Vierumäki
  • Haiko Manor Hotel and Spa          

Clinics and Salons:

  • several hundreds of therapy-, beauty- and massage clinics throughout Finland using Aromatica products and treatments

Handicapped care:

  • The Special Welfare District of South Western Finland

Service apartments and care homes for the elderly in Finland:

  • Kaarina Home, Kaarina Town
  • Poukanville Brother Home, Laitila Town
  • Honkala Home, Ruovesi Town
  • Rous Home, Turku City
  • Portsa Dentia Home. Turku City
  • Diakonia Department Oy of Pori, Pori City
  • Provision for old age of Pääjärvi. Pääjärvi Town
  • Day Centre of Pikkala, Paimio Town
  • Enninpaikka

Geriatric Hospital:

  • Kaskenlinna Hospital Turku



  • Yamano Wellness and Beauty
  • The Association of Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Mental Health Care (CAMM)


  • MiroModo OÜ
  • A-Kosmeetika, Beauty clinic, Importer
  • Sternum OU, Education Center, Importer and Shop Shop  


          Nina Ivakko