Wellbeing and good health or at the very least feeling better is a matter of choices and decisions that one makes daily. There is information available for every one to find their preferred ways. One thing that we at Aromatica have come to understand, over the many years we have been working with caring for people’s wellbeing, is that the quality and efficacy of the treatments is directly dependant on the quality of the products used.

Our products are used on and through the skin. It is vitally important what you put on the skin as it is the largest organ of our body. It renews itself in four weeks, it feels, breathes, absorbs and excretes.

Aromatica’s products contain only natural ingredients found in the vegetable kingdom; vegetable oils, essential oils, peat etc. We also hold to the certified organic raw material principle where ever available. Our understanding is that what is good for the ecology of the earth is good for the people that live here.

Essential oils are the core of the efficacy of our products. They physically affect the functioning of the skin and body organs and psychologically our emotions and moods through the sense of smell. They are precious! From a single rose you will only get 0,02 % of essential oil and from a truckload of rose petals about 2 pounds of essential oil.

Ulla-Maija Grace’s selection of the highest quality essential oils ensure that you get the best effect of treatment for your client. When choosing the oils she pays special attention to:
- the botanical species and chemo type of the plant
- the growing methods and conditions
- the distillation of the oils
- the chemical composition of each lot of the oils
- the distillation date

This information makes it possible for Aromatica to ensure the high standards and repeatability of the product quality and the results with each treatment.