Fibromyalgia affects women in particular

Most of those suffering from fibromyalgia experience pains, tiredness, stiffness in the limbs, disturbed sleep and other physical and emotional problems. All of these adversely affect their daily work and activity. Often the FM symptoms include deterioration of memory and concentration. Weakened physical stamina and reduced tolerance of pain makes it difficult to keep up any activity for longer periods of time. 

Workshop 8.9.14 at Botanica, Dublin
In the workshop we look into the new views on and diagnosis of fibromyalgia, its varied symptoms, treatments that will ease the condition and a demonstration of the special fibromyalgia treatment and products. Please visit our exhibition stand 28.

Ulla-Maija Grace

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AROMATICA –WELLNESS is a Finnish company based in Finland specialising in women’s wellbeing.

We develop totally natural products and treatments for women’s health, wellbeing and beauty.

Our aim is to help women’s daily lives be just that bit brighter, more focused and energetic with our self care product ranges. Their efficacy, founded on pure organic essential oils is well tried and tested by professionals and individual users.

Find out more about the work of Ulla-Maija Grace, the product developer and Aromatica -Wellness’ references at

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Aromatica – Wellness is  situated in Turku on the coast of the Baltic sea opening on to one of the most beatutifu archipelagoes in the world.
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Aromatica – Wellness  has a "sister" company in England established in 2012.
Finnish born Ulla-Maija Grace whose home England was for 25 years has a 30 years experience in working  with and developing products and treatments using essential oils.

Aromatica –Wellness develops, produces and trains wellness treatment concepts for clinics, spas, beauty salons. elderlycare homes, fitness centers etc.  Women's welless, at the core of the business is an ongowing area of development. Under the leadership of Ulla-Maija,  Aromatica – Wellness has also produced a wide rang of wellness products for self care.

Aromatica – Wellness' wide range of treatment methods, professional and customer care products makes it possible to create bespoke treatment formats to suit the needs of different clients.
Aromatica – Wellness has been based in Finland for 20 years and exported treatment concepts and products to Estonia, Japan, Spain and England.

An ongoing research project started in 2012 at memory impaired and terminal care patients ward in Kaskenlinna Geriatric Hospital,Turku and Kaarinakoti elderly care home, Kaarina. The study continues in Finland and is also commencing in Japan in the spring of 2014.
The very positive results of the study were first prsented in Japan at the 1st International Congress of Aromatherapy organized by the Japanese Society of Aromatherapy.
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Aromatica –Wellness advanced treatment concepts, products and self care products are the original creations of Ulla-Maija Grace

The treatment concepts have been developed over the period of 20 years with and for clinics, salons, spas and care homes to increase the variety of effective treatments to offer their clientele.

Training is an important part of passing on the skills to the professional therapists. In addition to the treatment method and product the training, the instruction on how to recommend the self care products to the client is integral part of supporting the success of the business.