By Ulla-Maija Grace


It is said that every other person experiences sciatica in some stage of their life. This is something that we can see happening through enquiries on our web site also.
Sciatica is that pain that tears and stabs the lower back, buttock, back of the thigh and calf. Luckily most of the time only on one side of the back at a time.

The sciatic nerve

The sciatic nerve is the longest and thickest nerve in the body. It starts at the two lowest lumbar vertebrae and normally the three uppermost openings of the sacrum. It runs behind or through the pririformis muscle in the buttock and continues along the whole length of the leg down to the heel. It innervates the muscles at the back of the thigh, the calf and most of the skin in the limb.

Where  does the discomfort occur

The irritation of the sciatic nerve can be caused by any problem along this long, big nerve: ruptured or degenerated disk, compression at the nerve root, tension of the buttock or leg muscles, static posture eg. seated working position.

The pain usually can radiates from the back to the buttock and leg and sometimes all the way to the foot and toes. It can also cause weakness in the muscles and lack of sensation in the skin.

Aromatica’s answer to sciatica

The key to relief is to  ease the most acute pain so that one does not need to tense the muscles any more against the discomfort and then to release the existing muscle spasm to allow the release the “pinch” on the nerve.

At Aromatica we recommend this two stage approach. First we ease the discomfort by spreading Lihasmix (Tissue Damage Care, Cooling and soothing) gel on the areas that the pain is most angry. Stage two we support the release of the muscle tension by using the Kramppimix (Cramp Release ,Warming and comforting) gel on the lower back, the buttock, the back of the thigh and on the calf.

If the problem does not ease in the next week or two it is good to go and see a specialist to establish the deeper cause of the problem.

This same method works wonders also on lumbago.

Lumbago is a pain that is caused by an unusual or sudden movement and can occur at any part of the back. It causes a strong muscle spasm that does on allow normal movement without accute pain.

Ulla-Maija Grace

Frank Dick OBE

Spa Life conference England 2012


How one person can keep a 300 strong audience of spa operators, suppliers and staff holding their breath for an hour.

Frank Dick OBE, gray haired gentleman arrives at the front of the hall… mumbles something and I strain my ears to hear. Did he say something? … and then loud and clear

“When you have a name like Dick you do not want to say it out too loud” and the whole audience roars out laughing. He got us all!

He is giving a talk on how to run a successful business.

“ Probably the only sustainable competitive advantage you have is the ability to learn faster than the opposition”.( Arie de Geus) appears on the wall. There was tension in the air – an anticipation – What? - is this what I came to hear? how am I going to achieve this? this is not going to be easy!

You are responsible for you own performance to always be the best you that you can be. You are responsible for your own development to accept to be a coach and to accept coaching. You are responsible for coaching the others.

He goes over to someone in the audience, takes her hand and says. “You have a great team working for you and together you created something superb and get great success and recognition with it. You bask in the glory and get all the thanks for a great job done. You go back to your team glowing of your glory and totally forget that it was not you alone who made the success possible, giving no credit to the rest of the team! Do you think they will be giving you the same performance THEIR BEST the next time you need them to?”

  You need to and you must free every member of your team to take hold of their responsibilities for themselves. No one gets up in the morning, looks in the mirror and says “ I am going go out there today and screw up well and good” Everyone wants to be successful at what we are doing. So you need to be the light to every member of your team to guide them to find the best in themselves. And at every stage of their development reflect the light that they have within them right back at them. When they are ready, be the wind under their wings, get out of their light and let them fly to take the responsibility for their own performance. To be the best they can be!

You have a place in this world that no one else can fill. You have task in this life that is yours to perform. If you do not do it, no one else can take you place. Your unfulfilled mission in this life will leave an empty space.

It is not going be easy. If you have had hard challenges up to now they will get harder. You can learn to climb the mountain only by doing it. Not going round it or using a ladder. You need to go there face the challenge and climb. You will fall but you will try again. Success is not a straight road. It has many bends, twists and turns but it is possible.

If you do not do it – who will?  If not now – when?

He enlivened his talk with cuts from films about different sporting events to show how the world’s best won the races and got the goals by doing their best at every stage of the way.

He is famous, received the Queens medal of Order of the British Empire. He has been the most successful football and sports coach in England for many decades. Now I know why.

He is inspirational!


The abundance of summer sensations.


Here in Finland it means light day and night, it means an abundance of aromas and a feeling of joy.

This week on Monday, the eve of summer, we started off towards Peurunka fitness and wellness centre in the braking light of the dawn at four am. Soon after five the sun was shining from the clear blue sky and awakened the spring green colour of the trees. Looking at it my thoughts brought back to mind other sensations of this spring.

The last weeks overflowing rains soon after the leaves of the silver birch had swelled up into almost full size. After the rain I stood on the stars in awe of the clean colours of the garden and how the rain had coaxed the aromas of the silver birch out through the still fragile surfaces of the leaves.

The songs of the birds filled the air with the same abundance.

In Turku attached to the new library there is a Café that opens out to a bright courtyard where it is a pleasure to lunch underneath the light sunshades. At the next table sat a little boy enjoying a delicious looking and judging by the boy’s face just as tasty strawberry ice cream. I only needed to look at him and now writing about it my mouth starts to water.

  Walking back along the riverside my nostrils were filled by the aroma of newly cut grass. But I did not hear or see the usual noisy mower. Some distance in front of me I saw a relaxed looking young man pushing what looked like an old fashioned ordinary mower. It made me feel good. No noise, no exhausts. Only the aroma of the freshly cut grass.

Some small distance ahead was the Café that has the reputation of making the best and most beautiful cappuccinos and café lattes. We were not quite near it yet,  but I did smell the freshly brewed coffee. What is it that makes it smell so good…

Back to Linnankatu, less than 20 meters. What a change. There the aroma was exhausts and dust and the ambience the noises of the traffic and hurrying people.

At Jyväskylä, the mirror calm of the lake reflected the light of the sun that had risen high up the sky and brought my thoughts back to the moment and the approaching meeting with the clients.

A moment of thought and concentration on the coming meeting and freshen up the looks…



Ascot Ladies Day 2013.

This was an experience of a lifetime. I was invited by the Finpro's Ladies to join them to spend a day at the Royal enclosure at Ascot Ladies Day.

Ulla-Maija Grace